A Joyful First Step


Children are guided by experienced Early Childhood teachers to move through the days with the perspective of exploration and wonder. The program strives to help children develop social and emotional skills, resiliency and physical independence through imitation, domestic tasks, free play, and teacher-led activities.

Gentle Beginnings


Teachers work closely with families to ensure a smooth transition to school and to create an experience that supports each child’s social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development. A balanced routine gives children the security from which to explore freely and confidently.

Work and Play


​Preschool children find delight in simple activities like bread baking, painting, crafts, and clean-up. Puppet shows and stories capture a child’s imagination and help build strong language skills, while lively counting games lay a foundation for mathematics. Teacher-led movement games help integrate the senses, and support physical and emotional development. There is time for creative, imaginative free play each day. This play is an essential part of children's physical, emotional, social, and cognitive growth.



Preschool children have a beautiful playground to run, climb, build forts, and experience the seasons in all types of weather! Regular excursions provide plenty of fresh air and help children gain confidence in the wider world. Children walk, run, explore and observe the seasons in our beautiful outdoor space.



​In the early years, movement is learning. Children develop motor skills, integrate the senses, and work cooperatively. Teacher-led movement activities and games are balanced with time for free movement, indoors and out. Fine motor and artistic expression are encouraged through activities like watercolor painting, handwork, cooking, and free play.


A  Day in the life of a Preschooler


Our program is inspired by the principles of Waldorf Education.  This holistic pedagogical approach manifests naturally in an enduring way.  The schedule of the day is designed with an in-breath and out-breath rhythm that allows for on task work and more relaxed times.  Our children are met at their current stage of development and they are given opportunities to enhance their imagination through work and play.  Our approach develops both cognitive and social skills.  We enhance their creativity in a beautiful, safe environment. We provide natural materials such as; earth, sand, mud and flowers. 

Inside our cozy classroom you will find toys made of all-natural materials such as; wood, wool, cotton and silk.  These types of toys stimulate a child’s imagination through their simplicity.  The calming colors inside the classroom give your child a feeling of tranquility.  The fresh smell of cooking and baking gives the classroom a feeling of home. 

In our storytelling using handmade puppets, we awaken their imagination as they learn about kindness for all living things.  They will also develop literacy and listening skills.  The teacher chooses tales that are appropriate for the age of the child and the season.  Our weekly activities are built into the program; to celebrate each season and enrich the children’s year.  In our daily circle activity, your child will develop their fine and gross motor skills as well as their social skills; through movement, song, and verse.  As a bilingual teacher I will also incorporate Spanish into our songs and circle time as well as cultural stories.  

With the help of my wonderful Assistant Teacher we will provide a supportive and wholesome environment for your child.  Our organic cooked meals are prepared safely with love each day.   Our menu is created with an emphasis on the nutrition that your child needs to thrive and feel nourished. 

Our nap program flows in a way that your child can have their own dreamy space to rest.  To help them relax, their feet are massaged with lavender oil and they will be serenaded by lullabies and the gentle sounds of a lyre.

If you want your children to be intelligent,

read them fairy tales.

If you want them to be more intelligent,

read them more fairy tales.

-Albert Einstein