Inspire the Child. Change the World.

Inspire the Child. Change the World.

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Gift your child a Waldorf-inspired preschool experience that nourishes their true nature, where they will learn to tune into themselves and become one with the world around them. A place where teachers gently meet each child at their unique developmental stage. A place where a child can learn and grow at the pace that was intended for them. Gift your child the magic of a Waldorf inspired education.

​Pleasant Valley School currently offers early childhood educational program that strives to promote well-rounded development. Children are immersed in a learning environment that provides natural opportunities for learning, cultivated by imitation and purposeful play.

Guided by experienced early childhood teachers, children learn to tap into the three fundamental forces that will establish their building blocks for life; a connection to Head, Heart, and Hands which awakens their capabilities into Thinking, Feeling, and Willing.

Peaceful & Joyful

Peaceful & Joyful

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Come and see first hand the depth and richness of Pleasant Valley School's curriculum where experiential learning builds children's’ capacities. Experience a day in the life of Solano County’s unique, independent school where inspired learning takes place daily. 

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Thank you for considering Pleasant Valley School as you embark on the journey of choosing an early childhood program for your family. Pleasant Valley is uniquely positioned to engage its students and faculty, creating a learning environment that fosters the awakening consciousness and abilities of students academically, socially and artistically.

Waldorf education places the development of the individual child in the focal point, convinced the healthy individual is a prerequisite for a healthy society. 

- The international Conference on Education of UNESCO


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